Dr. Felix Hagelskamp

PhD end date: 03.12. 2021

PhD thesis start date: 01. 01. 2018

PhD end date: 03.12. 2021

Topic: Analytical tools to study RNA writers and erasers in vitro


  • Hagelskamp, F., Borland, K., Ramos, J., Hendrick, A., Fu, D. and Kellner S. (2020) Broadly applicable oligonucleotide mass spectrometry for the analysis of RNA writers and erasers in vitro. Nucleic Acids Res. PMID: 32083657
  • Ramos, J., Han, L., Li, Y., Hagelskamp, F., Kellner, S.M., Alkuraya, F.S., Phizicky, E.M. and Fu, D. (2019) Formation of tRNA wobble inosine in humans is disrupted by a millennia-old mutation causing intellectual disability. Mol Cell Biol. PMID: 31263000
  • Reichle VF, Kaiser S, Heiss M, Hagelskamp F, Borland K, Kellner S. (2018) Surpassing limits of static RNA modification analysis with dynamic NAIL-MS, Methods, PMID: 30395967