Yasemin Yoluc

Start of PhD November 2018; Yasi is our great science blogger and her reach was increased through an LMU interview.

Topic: New tools for RNA modification dynamics analysis

Elucidation of the mechanisms involved in RNA modifications are next frontiers in molecular biology.
The presence of RNA modifications in many species point towards evolutionarily conserved molecular toolboxes that may modulate the flow of genetic information or allow reacting to environmental challenges. Considerable insight has been gained concerning modification profiles and the fate of modifications by the use of NAIL-MS, which was established by our group.
My goal consists of the investigation of RNA modification profiles and the elucidation of underlying mechanisms of their adaptation during stress response. I am aiming at determining the stress response of yeast to certain chemicals and the fate of RNA modifications, by application of dynamic NAIL-MS, consisting of isotope labeling in pulse-chase experiments followed by LC-MS analysis of nucleosides.



  • ongoing


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